Cake Lingerie introduces Croissant and Dark Croissant to its very popular essential range.

This eagerly awaited moulded spacer bra comes in two colours, nude and black.

Contrasting wire channel, hooks and eyes and sliders have been added in cobalt blue and lime green for a designer touch.

The moulded spacer fabric and seamless outer layer allows for a smooth T shirt profile, while the wearer gains the added benefit of extra support with out the bulkiness of the thick mould.



* A frame for discrete feeding and added support

* Moulded spacer fabric for extra support and a smooth profile

* Flattering neck line for versatility of outerwear

* Flexible wire for added support and great shape

* Contrasting sliders, hooks and eyes and wire casing channel

* Pendant centre front

* Drop down cups for easy feeding

* Decorative straps

* Matching boy leg brief

* Available in sizes 10C-18H(AU) or 32C- 40K(US)


Croissant is fast becoming a top seller!

croissant nursing bra by Cake lIngerie


Cake Lingerie has for the first time used a 36H woman for its AW14 photo-shoot.

We took the opportunity to photograph Claire as we were keen to demonstrate, just how well Cake Lingerie fits on women with a naturally, fuller bust.

With over 25 ongoing maternity and nursing bra styles, across 8 different product categories, Cake Lingerie has a wide variety of fashion and basics sized from 8A-18J(AU) or 30A-40M(US) to address almost any need for a pregnant or nursing women.

Women of all different shapes and sizes can feel confident, knowing that Cake Lingerie bras have been designed to support and nurture their changing body, while providing the functionality required of a nursing bra.

Ginger-Macaroon maternity bra



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Buying a correctly fitted bra is difficult at the best of times.  When a woman is pregnant she will usually experience a shift in breast size and shape.

It is particularly important during this time of change to get fitted into a supportive maternity or nursing bra.

Cake Lingerie has created 4 informative fitting videos which have been designed to help and educate women.

Visit our Fitting Page to find out more:

VIDEO 1:  Why do I need a Maternity bra?

VIDEO 2:  Everything you need to know about a nursing bra?

VIDEO 3:  When should I be wearing a seamless nursing bra?

VIDEO 4:  Is it safe to wear a wire during pregnancy and while breastfeeding?

We would love to get your feedback.  How useful did you find the videos?



Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 13.54.57



6 weeks ago my beautiful baby boy, Ari, arrived into this world very early and I was so lucky to receive a luxury gift pack from Cake Lingerie. It included a Nude Cotton Candy Set, a Black Cotton Candy Set and a Toffee Convertible set.

When the sets arrived, the impeccable and delicious packaging, what a treat, blew me away!! I am definitely one to be influenced by all the small things and this went above and beyond my expectations.

The toffee set came in a beautiful box tied with a ribbon and when I opened it up I was extra surprised as I hadn’t noticed online the gorgeous floral contrast lining inside the bra and underwear. I am quickly discovering the joys of leakage and having a print is just perfect for concealing this a little… The tissue paper, which matches the ribbon and the guide, included for tips on how a bra should fit and why… it’s the little things… amazing!

The Cotton candy sets came perfectly packaged in small zip lock bags and when I opened them up the branded logo on the bra and underwear shows how well thought out this product is from top to toe.

So at first glimpse, I was already quite blown away by Cake Lingerie but as a designer, the proof for me is ALWAYS in the fit or in this case can we say pudding?!! The Cotton Candy sets are so super comfy and fit me perfectly… As suggested by Tracey they are absolutely ideal for sleepwear as it is so nice to have support as well as comfort as the milking continues throughout the little hours! During the day at home they are also perfect but when I head out, the toffee set just helps me to feel normal again

Being a DD it meant I was able to get the flexible wire cup and it was just so exciting to feel like I was wearing a normal bra again. Feeling like a milking cow 24/7 is enough of a challenge while breastfeeding without feeling like your boobs are dropping down to the belly button! The toffee bra gives me beautiful lift while still being able to breastfeed.

The underwear on both sets are super comfy and perfectly cut, but for me, I do prefer my cut to come right up to my waist to hide my floppy belly!! The lower cut however would have been ideal for during pregnancy..

Prior to receiving my new Cake Lingerie I had purchased some bras from a couple of very well known brands and the fit, finish and design pales in comparison! I haven’t worn them once since and am excited to keep adding to my Cake selection.

If you are an expecting or new Mum and you don’t already own some Cake pieces, TREAT yourself!!! You will not be disappointed and I have no doubt, just like me you will be going back for more and telling all your girlfriends about this beautiful brand.

The only problem now is working out how I will cope post-breast feeding and no longer having Cake Bras!!

Thanks so much Tracey and Keith!!

Your newest groupie, Leina Broughton xx

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Cake Lingerie would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and locality through out the year.

We love receiving your feedback and look forward to introducing exciting new product lines in 2014.

Best Wishes and Merry Christmas.




I have always enjoyed wearing beautiful lingerie.  I love the colour, textures of the lace, touch of the satins and all of the beautiful little details that make lingerie special.  I have always been happy to pay a little extra for a garment that excites me.

Cake Lingerie was developed out of a personal need.  I was pregnant with my now 8-year-old son and I was in the market for maternity lingerie.  Much to my disappointment the maternity lingerie at this time was matronly and unflattering.  It did nothing for my self- esteem and I felt like I was giving up apart of my femininity to be a mother.

The nursing bras seem to be an after thought and no care or love had been put into the design.

Cake Lingerie is now 5 years old, we are an award-winning brand and stocked in 45 countries worldwide in some of the biggest department stores ie. Nordstrom and Bloomingdales.

The demand for the product has been extreme and it only reinforces to me that women feel the same way I do about wanting to retain their femineity while pregnant and or breast-feeding.

I love designing new ranges.  Attending fabric fairs, seeing our fabric and accessory supplier’s new ranges and attending trend seminars. It is a real treat, seeing new concepts come together.

I often draw my inspiration from mainstream brands.  Although the design of a maternity bra is structurally different, fabrications and accessories can all be applied to create a luxurious garment that is often mistaken for a mainstream bra

I pay particular attention to the quality of the bra.   The bows, the lining, the hooks and eyes etc. are the little things that make a brand surprising and special.  Cake Lingerie has become well known for those extra details.  I love watching the smile on women’s faces when they discover those special details.

Cake Lingerie helps to support women who choose to breast-feed.  The lingerie empowers them and gives them a strength and identity.  Often when a woman becomes a mother she sacrifices herself and becomes consumed with her new babies every need. Beautiful lingerie is a treat and an indulgence she does not have to give up.

I have always maintained that lingerie is for women.  Women more often than not buy lingerie because they love it and it makes them feel special, not because they are buying it to impress a man.

The Cake Lingerie brand has been developed around this belief.  The garments, gift boxing, swing tags, website and photography etc. has been created with women in mind.


As a lover of everything Lingerie, I have never had a problem with investing in good quality garments.  OK it costs more, however the benefits out way the negatives.  The quality of the fabrics are superior, they are more comfortable, last longer and make you feel and look amazing.  Correctly fitted product will enhance your figure and improve your body posture.

We received an email from a new Cake Lingerie fan last week.  Read below her comments as she enters the newly discovered world of quality well fitted lingerie.

“OMG!  I couldn’t be more in love with my things.  I just got back home Saturday and so far, I have worn my new pajamas, cotton candy bra and underwear.  It’s only been a day, but I absolutely LOVE everything I’ve tried!  All day long, I’ve been telling my husband how much I love my underwear.  I never realized how bad and uncomfortable what I have been wearing all my life has been until trying these.  And I am 36 years old!  I will never go back.

He laughed and thought it was sad that I’ve never had such good underwear and I totally agree.  I want to tell everyone about my new products.  Last night, I purchased 4 more pair of the Cotton Candy briefs and one more Cotton Candy bra online.  The material, the feel and the quality of the products are amazing.  

I have never spent that much money on underwear before and wouldn’t have understood the need to until trying the samples I bought.  Life changing!  Lol”.  YOUNG

Getting emails like this make my day.   All Cake Lingerie garments are designed with care to ensure each piece is not only beautiful but comfortable too.

As we continue on the Cake Lingerie journey my hope is that we will continue to surprise and delight women with our innovative award winning designs.


Cotton Candy seamless bra


Introducing a new child into the world can be a very expensive exercise.  A lot of money is spent setting up the nursery and buying those much needed baby products.

Some women will pay less attention to their own well-being at this time and try to save money on products like nursing bras by wearing bras that are not designed to feed in and try to convert a mainstream bra into a nursing bra.

A women’s body is an incredible thing.  It has the ability to grow a human being inside it, provide food for the baby then bounce back to her pre baby body.

Like all things the better care you take of your body the better it will bounce back.  Failing to take good care of your breasts can result in premature sagging and ligament damage.

A nursing bra is specifically designed with features too help provide superior support, lift, comfort and necessary function.

While mainstream bras might look pretty, they lack the support, structure and comfort needed during this very important time in a women’s life.


- Cotton lined cups for comfort and allow the skin to breath.

- Cotton lined straps for comfort and extra strength.

- Reinforced lower cups for extra lift and greater support

- Strong elastics for support

-Double layered back band for extra support and strength

- No itchy lace exposed to the breast tissue

- Carefully considered centre front height to allow for maximum support

-Nickel free hooks and sliders

- Eco friendly fabrics

- Drop down cups for feeding

- ‘A’ Frame sling for support and privacy when feeding

Nine years ago I was pregnant with my first boy Ethan.  Maternity lingerie was boring, uncomfortable, unflattering and unkind emotionally.

I was 32 at the time and loved fashion.  I was use to wearing beautiful lingerie and was devastated to find such unappealing products for pregnant women.

Cake Lingerie was developed out of a personal need and it become obvious throughout my journey in building the Cake Lingerie brand, that other women felt the same way.

During my second pregnancy with Carter who is now 2 years old, I got to wear some of my own creations.  What a revelation,  Beautiful maternity lingerie put a spring in my step.  I not only felt beautiful and feminie but I embraced my new found curves with confidence, which was a complete contrast to my last pregnancy.

I receive emails daily from women who have discovered Cake Lingerie.  It warms my heart to know that women have found a product that not only fits and supports their physical needs, but also boosts and empowers women emotionally in this life changing period in their lives.


  • Hi Cake Lingerie, I just wanted to let you know how fantastic your nursing bras are. I just love them. I only received a couple last week but I haven’t taken them off. It is great to have found a bra that is supportive and practical yet looks great on. Thanks


  • Another little package in the mail!!! Super excited !!! A taste of Ginger Macaroon for this mother if four!! Fast delivery and exceptionally cute as always xox


  • Hi Cake Lingerie, Love your apricot sorbet bra. I have it in a 14ff & it’s the only nursing bra I’ve come across in aus (& internationally) which is comfy & looks half decent. I had a battle finding a good bra like this & now have a few.s even once I’m no longer nursing : )”


  • Thank heavens I found Cake Lingerie! I just received my first order (Rocky Road & Vanilla Cream) & I couldn’t be more pleased! Not only are these by far the best nursing bras, but they are the best bras I’ve ever hadl! They fit like a dream, the quality is fabulous, & the details are gorgeous! I was swooning as soon as I saw the pretty packaging, & then I saw the wonderful Mother’s Day scarf! You have a new customer for life. I’ll be wearing your bras even once I’m no longer nursing :