We are super excited to introduce you to our new home Cake

A beautiful comprehensive website which show cases all Cake Maternity brands i.e. Cake Lingerie, rosewater swimwear for mothers and CupCake Nursing Pads

Cake Lingerie

Cake Lingerie is a beautiful maternity/nursing lingerie brand that designs for all body types and all stages of pregnancy and post birth.  Cake Lingerie pioneers the future of innovative highly constructed lingerie that is supportive, comfortable and fits a women’s changing body.

Product types include:  contour bras, flexible wired bras, non-wired bras, fuller figured bras, petite bras, seamless bras, sports bras and a range of luxurious sleepwear made from super soft modal cotton blends.

CupCake Nursing Pads

CupCake is a new concept in nursing pads.  Buying different pads to manage flow or increase absorbency is a thing of the past, with the versatile CupCake Nursing Pads.

Made from organic cotton and hemp, CupCake Nursing Pads are luxuriously soft against the body and are an eco-friendly solution for breastfeeding mothers.

rosewater Swimwear for Mothers

Soon to be released in Feb 2015 rosewater is a maternity/nursing swimwear brand for all body types.  The range consists of both tankini and one-piece options which range in sizes S-XL and accommodate up to a G cup (AU).  Rosewater is fully lined, contains drop down cups for feeding, flexible wires, foam cups, UPF50+ and chlorine resistant. 

We hope you will enjoy your Cake Maternity experience and hope you will enjoy the products as much as we have enjoyed designing them.



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A women’s body will go through a tremendous amount of chance during pregnancy and post birth.  Most women’s breast will increase up to 3 cup sizes.  It is because of this that a woman should pay particular attention to her body and get fitted for a good quality supportive bra to reduce her risk of breast and ligament damage.   A good fitting bra will also provide better posture and a more defined silhouette.

Why Cake Lingerie?

Cake Lingerie is pioneering the future of highly constructed, beautifully designed, maternity/nursing lingerie and sleepwear.

An award, winning brand accredited for creating a brand for women, committed to delivering quality, luxury and fit innovation

Cake Lingerie embraces her incredible body.  She feels beautiful when she’s comfortable and wearing flattering lingerie that fits and supports her.

Eight uniquely designed product segments are created, to suit a woman’s needs during the developmental stages of pregnancy and beyond:

Flexible wired bras, non-wired bras, contour bras, seamless bras, nursing sports bras, fuller figured, petite bras and nursing sleepwear.


-  Cotton Lined cups for breathability and comfort

-  Cotton Lined straps for comfort and strength

-  6 hooks and eyes for expansion and contraction of the back band

-  Double layered back band for strength and support

-  Reinforced lower cups for support and lift

-  Stretch in the top cup to allow for movement in the breast

-  Attractive styling

-  Lower centre front for versatility under outer-wear

-  Quality fabrications for durability

-  Eco Tech compliant fabrics that are chemical free


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Cake Maternity

Cake Lingerie will soon have a new home.

We will be launching our new look website in just a few short weeks.  Take a look at our temporary landing page for a taste of what is to come

Cake Maternity will be the new home for 3 brands: Cake Lingerie, CupCake Nursing Pads and rosewater swimwear for mothers.

The Cake Maternity website will be a comprehensive website which will give you fitting advise, garment features and benefits, social media updates, testimonials, reviews and more.

We are so excited and can not wait to share.



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We are so happy to announce that our newest edition to the Cake family has won its first award.

CupCake Nursing Pads are lovingly crafted from organic cotton, natural fibres and are packaged with recyclable materials to reduce the ecological foot print.

Why the judges loved them?

“Cupcake Nursing Pads are made from high-quality cotton and are easy to assemble and clean. They offer great coverage in preventing leaks and provide peace of mind while breastfeeding. The pad liners are easy to remove through a simple slit in the cover and the whole thing is machine washable. Cupcake Nursing Pads offer a quality, eco-friendly alternative to disposable nursing”.

Rated 5/5: for Ease of use, eco-friendly, design and innovation



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CupCake nursing pads are an eco-friendly answer to your leakage problems.

During the first few months of breastfeeding a woman can often experience varied amounts of leakage due to an excess amount of milk being produced by her body.

Up until now a woman has had to purchase either disposable nursing pads, which can often be uncomfortable, itchy and not great for our environment or they have been forced to purchase multiple nursing pads for various levels of leakage i.e. Medium, heavy and light flow pads.

The CupCake Nursing pad is an all in one solution for new mums.

The outer pocket is a light leak protection pad made from organic cotton and contains a water- proof membrane for peace of mind and a leak free experience.  Insert able liners made from super absorbent organic hemp can be purchased to increase the absorbency of the outer- pocketed pad.  The outer-pocketed pad can be transformed from a light leak to a medium to heavy flow pad, by simply inserting up to two insert able liners.

A woman can now customise her nursing pad depending on her needs both day and night.

To try one of our beautifully designed complimentary sample packs visit our website for details.

CupCake Nursing Pads


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Steel Cotton Candy

We have added a new colour to our very popular Cotton Candy seamless bra range.

Cotton Candy is the perfect transitional bra and should be worn during times of rapid breast growth ie.  The first 8 weeks of pregnancy and the first 8 weeks post birth.

See our Fitting guide for more details.

The Cotton Candy bras are designed stretch with your changing body size.  They will support without restriction and are made from very comfortable European yarns that feel luxurious and soft against your skin

Features include:

-Racer back design

-Adjustable straps

-4 easy sizes S-XL

-Soft Luxurious fabrics

-Double layer of fabric for extra support and lift

-Drop down cups for feeding

The Cotton Candy range comes in 5 great colours:  Nude, Black, Blush, Aqua and now steel.


“I have 2 of these bras and use them constantly in the hospital and postpartum period while breastfeeding. They are the most comfortable bras, made of a soft elastic material and easily accessible breastfeeding clips. HIGHLY Recommend!!! I ordered a large and it fits perfectly for 36-38 DD size”.

-Heather G-

Rated 5/5



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