‘Sorbet’ is the first of our New Fuller Figured bras.


We have worked long and hard to ensure the ‘Sorbet’ bra is everything we say it is and more.


The Sorbet bra is uniquely designed for the fuller busted women.  We recognize that a fuller busted women’s bra will work much harder.  So special fabrications, elastics, trimming and design features, have been incorporated to produce a superior unique product, which has not been seen in the market before now!


Available in 2 versatile, colours:  Apricot/nude and Lavender/Navy.

Both bras have a matching brief option available.


Features include:

Full Cup Coverage for a secure fit

Strong construction for structure and support

Top cup stretch fabric with soft, side lace overlay

Cotton lining and covered seams to avoid irritation

Graduated straps for appropriate levels of support

Double layered comfortable & supportive back wings

Graduated 6 hook and eye extension for ribcage expansion

Smooth cup for versatility of outer wear

Flattering profile


Available in 10D – 18J(AU) or 32D-40M(US)

Brief available in sizes  S-XXL


For your chance to WIN one of two Sorbet bras on offer

(1 Apricot and 1 Lavender Sorbet bra with matching brief)





Women entering the giveaway must ensure they read the terms and conditions before entering.


Winners will be announced via FACEBOOK and BLOG



Good Luck and don’t forget to share with your friends! 



1. ENTRY:  Write a comment in the comments section of the Blog Post.

2. WINNER SELECTIONS: One winner will be selected at random from the entries obtained.

3. PRIZES: The Prize winner will be announced on the specified date.  Prizes are non-transferable and no substitutions will be made.

 All entrants should ensure they fit the sizing guidelines as stated within the giveaway. Winners will be notified via a post on the Blog and on  Facebook.

4. ELIGIBILITY: Sweepstakes open only to those who are 18 years of age or older.  Employees of Sponsor, advertising, promotion, and judging agencies and members of the immediate families or households of any of the above are NOT eligible to participate. For purposes of these rules, “immediate families” means spouse, parents or legal guardians, siblings, children, step-parents, step-siblings, step-children, and the spouses of each of the foregoing.




77 comments on “BRA OF THE MONTH- Product Review and Giveaway

  1. cindy kane on said:

    I had a baby last Wednesday and am struggling to find a comfortable well fitting bra now that my milk has come through, these look really lovely. Thank you :-)

  2. Love this bra, looks comfortable and stylish!

  3. Monica Powell on said:

    I would love to win the Apricot set!!!

  4. Camille Hatcher on said:

    I love Cake Lingerie. I am so smitten with the Bra that Cotton Candy Bra and Brief that I own. I am anxious to try the Sorbet.

  5. Jessica Johnson on said:

    This is a great idea! Cake Lingerie is amazing. I could never find a supportive bra- ended up using the cheap nursing friendly one that gave absolutely no support. Wore it until my second pregnancy. After splurging, It’s amazing the difference a well crafted bra makes!

  6. anna marikar on said:

    sounds great i would love to win one :)

  7. Dani Judd on said:

    It has been amazing finding bras that are not only comfortable,functional, and fit… But a bra that looks beautiful!!! You are the only company that has done that for me!!! I would NEVER imagine liking a bra without wore, but I am more than excited to try this one!!

  8. Mari Gordon on said:

    They are both gorgeous and look so comfy! Please, let it be me!

  9. Heather Zabaneh on said:

    Such a beautiful bra. I hope I win!

  10. This looks and sounds fabulous!

  11. bonnye sensenig on said:

    both colors are beautiful and so flarreing! I love them!

  12. Lauren Dixey on said:

    Gorgeous looking bra! I’m still BF my little one (6 mths old) and plan on doing so for another 6 mths at least. This sure would come in handy :)

  13. Emily Shea on said:

    I have been dying to try some Cake lingerie. This set looks amazing!

  14. olivia kirby on said:

    What a lovely design, I really like the Apricot colour.

  15. Tilda F on said:

    I love these! As a tandem nursing mumma of two boys under two I could really use some practical and beautiful bras! Mine are starting to fall apart…

  16. Krista kkGrandstaff on said:

    These look super comfortable…and to have support combined with comfort..they look like a must have!!

  17. Rebecca S on said:

    I love the apricot…and i kind of love the lavender. eep!

  18. Daisy G on said:

    The lace detailing is exquisite!

  19. heather darby on said:

    It is so nice finding beautiful bras in my size. Im about to have #3 and have nursed all mine for at least a year. It feels great to know your wearing a beautiful bra while nursing :-) fingers crossed!! :-)

  20. Amanda Mitchell on said:

    I’d love to win either one of these! I have tried maternitynursing bras in the past and I use them- but I’ve never had luck because I have a larger chest and smaller body. I’d be so blessed to be a winner! Thank you!!

  21. Simone spark on said:

    It has been so hard to find bras that work with a larger bust. It was so exciting to see a product designed and not just adapted for the larger bust size. Thanks cake lingerie for remembering us and producing not just a useful product but one that looks good too!

  22. Jessica Long on said:

    That looks Fab I hope I win!

  23. Charmaine Willis-Croft on said:

    I would love to try this bra! So sick of bras that don’t fit properly or having to resort to unflattering ‘Nana’ bras. If I could just find a bra that LOOKS good and FITS I would buy it in a heartbeat!

  24. samantha on said:

    Love these!!!!!!! Wish i could own.them!

  25. Rebecca on said:

    I’m in love with cake lingerie! Thanks for this chance!

  26. Lindsy S on said:

    I would love to win one!

  27. I discovered Cake Lingerie during my fourth pregnancy. It has heightened every expectation I had for maternity and nursing ware. Now that baby number five is expected in April, my closet is being stocked with only my favorite!

  28. Genevieve K. on said:


  29. Jennifer on said:

    I have 2 of your other bras and while I love them, I think something with more coverage and designed for my bustier body would be fabulous!!

  30. dianna macgregor on said:

    would absolutely love to win this. I can’t find anything comfy..

  31. jennifer murphy on said:

    the lavender looks lovely – i’d be thrilled to win this!

  32. Cara Thompson on said:

    The lavender one is lovely – they both are! Would love to win this – have baby due soon & no maternity bras at all now as they were cheap ones that fell apart lol. Would be so nice to have a decent one & it’s pretty too!

  33. Karen Price on said:

    I loooove the lavender set! Would be so great to win a nursing bra specifically designed for bigger busts. I am yet to find one that fits really well, and have just been making do so far (we’re at 9 months in our breastfeeding journey and going really strong!). It would be such a treat to win this! I have everything crossed!

  34. Kristi P on said:

    i am in desperate need of new bras. These look really comfy too.

  35. Crystall on said:

    So wish these were out 12 months ago when I was pregnant with number 2. They look so comfy and versatile. Keep up the good work ladies

  36. Crystall L on said:

    Keep up good work ladies. So nice to find beautiful bras in bigger sizes

  37. Turah Shaver on said:

    Please please please

  38. Tenille Stille on said:

    It’s so hard to find a nice maternity/nursing bra, but not on your site :)

  39. I recommend Cake Lingerie to all of my nursing friends. It’s the only brand of nursing bra I own.

  40. Melissa devroom on said:

    I love your products!!!! The lavender and nude are both very pretty looking pieces. It’s so nice to wear such amazing stuff when you’re not feeling like your old self after having a baby. I’d love to be entered to win! Thank you :)

  41. Allison Marfil on said:

    I LOVE my cake bra! Another one would be amazing! It’s so nice to have a nursing bra that is actually pretty for once :-)

  42. Hendrika on said:

    Just purchased my 1st cake lingerie bra last week & absolutely love the style & the supportive fit!! Would love to win so I can add another one to my wardrobe ;)

  43. Virginia Mason on said:

    Well done Cake Lingerie for making a beautiful, well supportive and comfortable maternity bra and brief set. The Apricot is my pick for breast feeding my little one in this Summer/Autumn time, such a cool and calming colour.

  44. JaninwJanine Smith on said:

    It is really hard to find a perfect fitting nursing bra that actually looks good – Cake you have nailed it, again!

  45. Stepanka S. on said:

    These look very comfortable, and they are so pretty! Just something what (in a few months time) I will be in need of!

  46. lisa bolduc on said:

    i love the lace details on the side

  47. Jaimie Adams on said:

    I love how feminine these are and that they’re for fuller busts. This would be perfect for me as I’m expecting baby #3 in August. Thanks for the chance!

  48. Emily Adams on said:

    I would love to win! I need to buy some nursing bras I am expecting in April & it would be great if I won this!

  49. Perlita mata on said:

    I love love the Apricot bra! This is my third pregnancy and i absolutely love Cake Lingerie!

  50. Lisa Henson on said:

    I LOVE these…both look so comfy. I have to say I am kind of partial to the sorbet!!

  51. Samantha Fenn on said:

    I would love to win this set! Ive booked a bump shoot for March but have no lovely underwear to pose in… this would be perfect!

  52. Pippa D on said:

    Finally, a non-wired bra for fuller busted ladies which gives support but also looks great! Keep doing what you’re doing Cake – cute lingerie for all! x

  53. Lyndsay Hampton on said:

    These bras look amazing! I’m pregnant with #4 and since I don’t need to buy anything for baby I have decided to get some beautiful maternity/nursing wear for myself! This would be a great start to my collection :)

  54. natalie morris on said:

    Getting ready to give birth to twin boys having a hard time finding a good maternity/nursing bra everything found is for little women I am so glad to have found ur site. Guess its baby shower time so I can get one. Lol

  55. Grace White on said:

    This bra looks soo comfortable! I would love to try it.

  56. Nicole hollman on said:

    Love these, esp the lavendar one! Looks so comfy yet stylish. Baby #4 on the way and mommy needs some new bras badly :)

  57. Sophia Miles on said:

    Since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve really been struggling with my growing size, and I don’t just mean my belly! My breasts have increased by 4 cup sizes already, and I’ve barely even got to 20 weeks pregnant. There are so few companies that make bras available in larger sizes, and shockingly, high street brands have very small-cupped maternity bras, which always surprises me. I’m trying to save the pennies for when the little one arrives, so I’d absolutely love to win one of these beautiful sets. The fact that you cater to bigger sizes is really something to be proud of – with the rest of the difficulties we all face during pregnancy, at least we can be properly supported in gorgeous lingerie. Thank you for helping us!

  58. Rebecca M. on said:

    I love that you make beautiful lingerie for new moms and moms to be. I definitely love to try these!

  59. Krista Fields on said:

    Love how gorgeous your stuff is! Even though I am breast feeding I shouldn’t have to have plain Jane bras all the time, and your company has made that easy :)

  60. courtney k on said:

    these look so comfy!!

  61. Aubriel on said:

    This bra looks so pretty and comfy! I am totally a completely different size with my 2nd pregnancy so this requires a whole new set of everything! Which is hard on the pocket book. But this bra looks like it would be great during pregnancy and after!

  62. Tracie La Rue Morn on said:

    I actually bought one but I got it a size too small!! But because I have worn it, I can’t return it. I would love to get one that actually fits!

  63. kaitlyn belland on said:

    I would absolutely love to win this! Your products have gotten me through pregnancy and nursing!

  64. Miranda Saake on said:

    Gorgeous!! Would love to win!

  65. Victoria Ann Entwistle on said:

    Cake Lingerie is fabulous, so luxurious and comfortable at the same time. The packaging the lingerie comes in is absolutely beautiful, it’s a real treat for any expecting mum. I’d be thrilled to win such a brilliant prize. Thank you.

  66. Melissa B on said:

    I would love to win one of these bra’s as I tend to go from a paltry A pre-pregnancy and anywhere up to a D when breastfeeding so I need something supportive and stylish.

  67. l would love to win one of these the look so comfortable

  68. AmyAAAAAAmyyyyyA on said:

    Great bra!

  69. Sydney N on said:

    Love the colors and how comfortable they look. Never liked the idea of bras without underwire because of lack of support but if it is as supportive as stated I think I would love this bra! :)

  70. Elizabeth Jones on said:

    I love the black and lavender!! It’s so pretty!!

  71. Angela Beaumont on said:

    These bras look gorgeous!!! Love that they are cotton too. Just what I need to get my boobs in check :-)

  72. Andrea Gardner on said:

    I have been drooling over Cake for at least a year (I think longer though) now and with our surprise baby #5 I am hoping this is my chance to get some beautiful lingerie! After 11 years of crappy nursing bras that never fit right I am thrilled you guys exist! Thanks for the chance :)

  73. Love all your lingerie. … thanks for making us mums feel feminine! :)

  74. Cake Lingerie on said:

    Thank you everyone for entering our First ‘Bra of the Month’ Giveaway. I would like to congratulate Sophia Miles winner of the Apricot Sorbet bra and brief set and Simone Spark, who is the winner of the Lavender Sorbet bra and brief set.

  75. Christine M on said:

    Apricot is gorgeous. Thanks for the chance.

  76. Melissa devroom on said:

    The lavender set is stunning!!!! I would absolutely love it!

  77. Lorna on said:

    Love these bras. I am feeding miss almost 5 weeks. These would be the perfect addition.

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